ICO Products offers design and prototyping services for brand owners, distributors and marketers. Our program based on China low-cost manufacturing principle can help you beat the competition from the start.

Our turnkey solution for design, prototyping and manufacturing makes us the one stop shop for a new product or improvements to an existing product. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality, low-cost, rapid turn time and complete satisfaction.

Prototype Services Offered:
CNC Machined Plastic Prototypes

Painting, Silk Screening and Pad Printing Services
PCBA Prototyping
Thorough Prototype Testing

We Build to Your Specifications

Prior to building a prototype we consider certain factors in the engineering design process, such as; cost, manufacturing processes and product performance. We will build your prototype to your exacting specifications, and conduct full functional testing and other testing that you may require.

Our goal is not to simply build you a prototype, but to build a prototype to your satisfaction. It is not a half-baked product, but a fully functional product with the exact look and feel that you require and it will be ready for mass production.

Cost Savings    
Creating prototypes can involve many different costs, including engineering design time, molding of enclosures and tooling of PCBs and other parts. We have taken measures to control the cost by;  in-house design, purchased components and materials are from our preferred suppliers, out-sourced parts are made by our fully-owned subsidiaries or by a closely associated manufacturer.

Turnaround Time
The only thing more important than delivering a high quality, affordable prototype, is to deliver it to you on time. In many cases we even deliver it ahead of schedule. The average time that we need to build prototypes is far less than the industry standard. This is due to our extensive experience in various electronics designs – talents and modules for building most electronics devices are already available, ready to be put together

When it comes to testing, we thoroughly test and evaluate all prototypes. We follow strict industry-standard procedures for testing and evaluating quality, reliability, function and environmental considerations. We can develop custom procedures, software or fixtures to test specialized products including; in-circuit test, functional test, diagnostic testing and environmental tests.

Revisions & Modifications
In most cases, you will be satisfied with the first prototypes we make and will possibly go into production right away. However, if you choose to make revisions or modifications to the prototypes once they are complete, we eliminate as much addition cost to you as possible. Your satisfaction is paramount

Sample Based Prototypes
If you have an unfinished prototype, flawed prototype or a sample that you wish to improve, we can support your needs. Unlike many contract manufacturers, we are very willing to help you at any stage during your development cycle.