Manufacturing & Assembly

ICO Products is a full service contract manufacturer. Our ability to fully produce and deliver a product to market is a distinct advantage to you as a client.

Not only do we have a fully trained staff of skilled designers and engineers, but a solid crew of press operators and assembly personnel that strive for the highest quality and consistency in their daily tasks. We are all in it together as a company, every person takes pride in their work and it shows.

Manufacturing  Technology and Services

ICO Products  provides  integrated turnkey solutions to support customer time to market requirements. ICO Products  focuses on quality, service, and flexibility serving different  Customers can engage in this process at any point. ICO Products redefines the standard for responding to the customer’s business requirements with its ability to optimize the supply chain design for each customer’s needs. ICO Products commits to offering global manufacturing solutions in North America, Europe, and Asia. From distribution to warranty repair and service, and end-of-life management, ICO Products continues its role as a full service partner after a product is manufactured.

Customer Teams and the Focused Factory Concept
The Focused Factory concept enhances the basic cellular principal by providing flexibility to uniquely configure, staff and equip each Focused Factory to meet specific needs of the customer. Focused Factories may support various levels of assembly, technology, volume, mix, material strategy, and agency requirements. Dedicated customer teams support the growing needs of customers. These teams are composed of program management, documentation, materials, quality, finance, and Focused Factory personnel.

Manufacturing Transition
ICO Products processes provide a seamless transition of products into manufacturing. The Manufacturing Transition Team, led by a dedicated and experienced manager, has a wide array of expertise. This team utilizes several transition tools to develop a comprehensive plan focused on timelines, tracking issues, and metrics.