What products is good for you to manufacture in your China Plant and what is your minimum order?

Our plant is structured to manufacture plastic and electronic kinds of products. We can provide turn key solution from concept to production and packaging. To start line of products with us, we will need a guarantee of  US$100,000 annual worth of business. For plastic molding, you may visit our a injection molding division, icomold.com.
It was structured to make rapid injection mold. You can save 40% to 60% for your injection molding thru ICOMold.


Do you handle production after prototype?

Yes. We will provide a cost model for production unit cost after the functional prototype. The production will be directly handled by our manufacturing plant in China. We also design the packaging, instructions, etc to provide a turn-key service for our clients.


Do you design and develop electronic board?

Yes. We have electrical engineers specialized in this area. We can design and prototype electronic boards. We can also manufacturing PCB board thru our qualified suppliers.

 How is your project online management working? A project website will be made and put in our secured server. User name and password will be issued to clients and our project team. The project progress status, schedule, communication will be published and shared by clients and the team.


Is your service free?

Do you take royalty for your development work? No. Our service is not free and we will charge for our product development fee. We do not take royalty for the product we developed.