At ICO Products, quality is the cornerstone to our success. Our steadfast belief that quality comes first is affirmed by our commitment of engineering resources to our Quality Department. Our senior management staff has full approval authority over quality of all products and can make a call to hold up shipments if they feel there are any issues that may not meet your standards.

Our knowledgeable staff of engineers ensure quality by painstakingly reviewing designs, certifying raw materials, detailed inspection of tooling, monitoring process controls, overseeing assembly procedure and completing detailed documentation. We perform dimensional, functional and appearance checks, then document all results in a QC Report.

In cases where quality issues are identified, our quality engineers perform a root cause analysis and develop a corrective action plan. Upon implementation of the corrective action plan, the quality staff confirms and documents the results.

Rest assured that any and all steps in our manufacturing process are well monitored to ensure a high-quality final product.

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