ICO Products contract manufacturing has several years of industry experience at developing products for the outdoor market which includes hunting and camping. Technology does not stop at the door when consumers head to the woods. Our company works with some of the industry leaders in their field to create products that are not only an innovation, but are reliable and sell year after year.

From pencil sketch to packaged product delivered to your warehouse or shipped directly to your distributor/retailer, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver superior products time after time. Not only do we deliver on a great quality product at a fantastic savings, we deliver it on time.

So if you have a new product or an existing product that you would like to change, consider contacting ICO Products for an RFQ and a list of references. We specialize in low to moderate volume product production. ICO Products contract manufacturing is ready to partner with you today to be your China source for low cost manufacturing.

Examples of Outdoor Products Manufactured

  • Electronic Game Calls
  • Digital Trail Cameras
  • Electronic Remote Animal Decoys
  • Water Purification System
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Portable Water Containers
  • Safety Lighting