Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

ICO Products a leading Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services of outdoor, sports, industrial and consumer electronic products. We provides turnkey contract manufacturing solutions and ships worldwide from our plant in ShenZhen China.

We are a direct Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services with a sales and customer support office in the U.S. – one organization – one management team – one solution provider.

Every manufacturing contract starts with a production launch team configured for the specific project consisting of project managers from both locations, project engineers, production manager, QA engineers, procurement manager, and shipping manager. The launch team develops the requirements for each step and the supporting tasks, and then schedules the necessary resources. Product quality assurance is embedded in each pre-production step to ensure easy quality control during the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing capability includes:

Turnkey Assembling
Supply Chain Management
Plastic Molding
Metal Stamping and CNC machining
Electronics, PCB board, surface Mounting
Project management
Quality control

ICO Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services: Product Development

Our product development team is engaged in both new product development and product extension (update existing product). Our degreed and experienced engineers know and understand each stage of the development work from concept, design, prototyping, molding to manufacturing. Our “design for Asian manufacturing” philosophy are making us one of the leading product development and contract manufacturing company in US.

ICO Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services: Prototyping

We offer fast, efficient and inexpensive prototype assembly and testing of product. Our plastic prototype part are CNC machined plastic which is comparable with molded parts. Our functional prototype includes prototype casing, surface decoration, PCBA and packaging. This “ready for production” prototype can be applied for functional testing, demonstrate form and customer marketing.

ICO Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services: Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management activities. Annual survey for all suppliers are conducted beginning of the year. Frequent full evaluation of suppliers ensures the short lead time, low cost and high quality.

ICO Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services: Manufacturing and Assembly

We provided integrated turnkey solutions and utilizing leading-edge manufacturing technologies to support customer time to market requirements. we focuses on quality, service, and flexibility in outdoor, sports, industrial and consumer market sectors. Customers can engage in this process at any point. We redefines the standard for responding to the customer’s business requirements with its ability to optimize the supply chain design for each customer’s needs.

ICO Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services: Quality Control

Quality is the cornerstone upon ICO Products’ foundation of strong technical competence. Our steadfast belief that quality comes first is affirmed by our commitment of engineering resources to it’s Quality Department, and senior management’s full support of their judgment as the gate-keeper of acceptance for shipping products.

ICO Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services: Low Cost

With the continuous effort on productivity improvement, process optimization and supply chain management, we are renowned as one the of best in low cost, high quality in China Contract Electronics Manufacturing.